Abstract archive

Abstracts submitted to the annual EULAR Congress

Each year, more than 4,000 abstracts are submitted for review and are published in the Abstract Book and/or personally presented at the scientific or poster sessions at the congress.

The Abstract Book is a supplement to the "Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases - the EULAR Journal" and is distributed to congress participants on request. In addition, participants can download the abstracts from the upcoming congress in a format suitable for a PDA.

Online publication

In addition to print, abstracts are accessible online by means of the software provided on this website. Note on copyright: Abstracts contain text and images that are copyrighted by EULAR. Access to online content is for personal use only. No reproduction, re-use or transcription of the content for any commercial purpose is permitted without prior written permission of EULAR.

Abstracts since EULAR 2001

The EULAR abstract archive provides access to all the abstracts presented at the congress from 2001 onwards. Abstracts from 2005 onwards contain the citation reference.
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