EULAR Rules and Regulations

There are a few rules and regulations that need to be observed at such a large event to prevent unnecessary and possibly unpleasant interventions by the organisers or the security staff. Most of them are self-explanatory and can easily be adhered to.


All accepted abstracts are copyrighted jointly by EULAR and BMJ. Any reproduction of an abstract requires prior permission from BMJ. Under certain circumstances a copyright fee may be required.

Property of the presented material


All presentations shown during the congress are the property of the authors. Any recording of images, video or audio during presentations is prohibited. If you want access to slides of a certain presentation, you may ask the speaker to hand the slides over to you, or you may access the slide after the congress from the content that is recorded officially by  EULAR and made available to all registered participants at no additional cost. People taking pictures or videos in sessions may be contacted by security and asked to stop the recording. 


All posters remain the property of the author/presenter. Taking pictures of posters is not permitted without the prior permission of the presenter. EULAR offers special stickers with which a presenter can indicate if it is OK to take pictures.

Exhibition hall and general picture-taking

With the increasing popularity of social media we would like to remind all participants of the general privacy rights legislation. It states that if a person is identifiable on that picture, its public distribution (posting) is only permitted with the explicit permission of that person. This is also valid for persons that are only "by chance" on the picture (=were not the immediate target of the portrait).

Taking pictures in the exhibition hall is only permitted on a large scale (overview pictures), but not of individual stands or people in the exhibition.


Satellite symposia programme

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EULAR Code of Practice

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Abstract embargo rules

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Partnership & investment
opportunities manual

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Exhibition layout

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Venue occupation plan

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EULAR Guidelines for
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